Ways to Improve Your Orlando Rental Property's Curb Appeal and Value

Ackley Florida Property Management - Sunday, February 20, 2022
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When it comes to renting out any Orlando property, curb appeal is crucial. It's essentially a tenant's first impression of the rental property, and one would want to make a positive first impression.

Moving on, curb appeal can help landlords cut down on vacant time, boost the home's rental value, and attract high-quality tenants who will look after the property. Here are some simple methods to make one's Orlando rental home more appealing from the outside.

1. Paint the Exterior of the Rental Home

One should begin with a fresh coat of paint. The high heat in Orlando tends to wear out paint on a home's exterior. Refresh the look with some new paint and pay special attention to the window trim. A fresh coat of paint can make the whole place look brand new. Landlords will be able to hide any past flaws with a coat of paint.

2. Upgrade the Landscaping

When it comes to enhancing the property's landscaping, there's no need to spend a lot of money. Just make sure the lawn is groomed and the bushes around the home are cut back. Long tree branches should not be impeding views from the windows. A few vibrant flower pots placed around the door will add a lot of curb appeal. While one wants the landscape to be attractive, one also wants it to be straightforward. Tenants will not go into a home with complex gardening that must be maintained.

3. Update the windows and doors

Remove any cracked, twisted, or faded window blinds or shades and replace them. One should be able to view the windows clearly from the street. Open the blinds or push the drapes aside when displaying the house to let some natural sunlight in. Also, have a peek at the door. Remove any cobwebs, dust, or bugs that have accumulated. Maybe the door needs to be repainted. So, make it stand out by painting it a different shade than the entire house.

4. Clear the debris from the roof

Branches, leaves, and other debris can easily accumulate on the roof of the rental property. Particularly if there are several trees nearby. All of that should be swept off the roof, and it should be clean and transparent. Allowing an excessive amount of natural waste to accumulate will attract bugs and vermin. Potential tenants will want to see a neat, well-maintained roof on the house they're considering renting when they arrive.

5. Wash the outside and the driveway

Every few years, everything needs to be power washed. Landlords will be shocked at the difference if they do this before painting. Also, clean the driveway, garage, and any structures. Wash the walkway, sidewalk, and stairs using a pressure washer. This will make a fantastic first impression on tenants, and the landlord will also be taking care of some regular maintenance at the same time.


Finally, when it comes to curb appeal and how to attract wonderful tenants to the Orlando rental property, there's a lot more one can explore. These features will help the property stand out in the rental market. This allows landlords to earn more money from excellent tenants. One should contact expert Orlando property management services if they want to discuss their individual property.