What is a Blind Offer in Real Estate Property

System - Monday, June 20, 2022
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Are you in search of a home in the market in your busy schedule? A blind offer may just be your solution. A blind offer is when a buyer purchases a property without seeing the property. It is a purchase contract between buyer and seller. These offers are quick and easy ways to bid on a house. Moreover, it saves a massive amount of time for buyers and sellers. If you are hesitant to take a blind offer, there is always a reliable Property Management Company that you can hire. You might be thinking why would somebody do that. Well, there are a few reasons why someone does that. Let's look into these reasons.  

How Blind Offers Work

You may be wondering how or why a buyer would buy a home or property without seeing the site. The buyer can define the amount of money for the property they have virtually seen. The only downside of this deal is that the buyer can not examine the property physically. Hence, at your defined rates, this deal would end on better ends. 

Is It Risky?

Of course, these blind bids are risky as they restrict the buyers to investigate and inspect the property thoroughly. Moreover, the seller is also clueless till the buyer completes the transactions. But as it also saves most of the time and is cost-effective thus many people look forward to it. Blind offers have gained popularity since the covid outbreak as people wanted to least interact and keep their distance to remain safe. The blind bid has served well since then

How to Win a Blind Bid

If you are moving from another city and urgently need to find the home of your dreams and are unable to look for it physically then this might just be for you. It is best to work with your real estate agent from a property Management Company if you are going for the blind bid process. This way you would have a guide that will enlighten you about the true value of that property and the market conditions. Your agent will virtually contact the local real estate agent to find the best real estate properties. Searching will start on websites and if you like a house then you can make your offer to the seller. In the end, you can visit the property whenever possible and decide to buy the house.


There are a variety of advantages when it comes to blind offers in real estate property. The biggest advantage is that it will save time for both the buyer and seller. If you are a buyer then it also has the benefit for you to back out if you did not like the property. Also, you can write a blind offer for the properties you like virtually. Moreover, offers would be accepted and submitted much faster than the usual process. Seems much easier, right? Such offers could get you a great deal within your budget.  

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Some of you might be thinking these offers where you don’t even get to see the property are not the best options. But look at the brighter side you can get this property in no time and with great deals. You can even back out once you have seen the property and did not like it. Hence, these blind offers have proven as best for those who do not have any other choice but to go for a blind bid. So in last, it is advised that you must get a good enough grasp and research how the property is before diving in.