Top 10 Florida Cities With The Highest Rental Prices

Ackley Florida Property Management - Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Cities That Have Highest Rental Prices In Florida

The typical lease in Florida is higher than the public normal so when it comes to rental rates Florida is a booming state. As far as the cost for many everyday items, Florida is $1,790, which is more costly than the national average of $1,468. For assistance in renting a home in Florida, you may contact Rental Property management companies.

What makes these rental properties extraordinary? Is it their area, their size, or their unique features? We rounded up the top 10 cities with the highest rent and this is the way they stack up:

Miami Beach

Miami is a perfect and scenic city brimming with sandy seashores and incredible high rises. Miami is a remarkable spot where the Atlantic sea converges with the Caribbean ocean, offering numerous vacationers, astounding beachfront eateries, beachfront clubs, and fabulous sea shores any renters could want.

  • Average Lease: $1,980
  • Average Apartment Size: 917 sq. ft.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is appraised as one of the most mind-blowing urban communities to live in Florida. The city has wonderful seashores for people to unwind. To top everything, this town's populace isn't big, thus, the seashores are not packed.

  • Average Rent: $2,043
  • Average Apartment Size: 1,046 sq. ft.

Palm Beach 

Orchid City is an extraordinary spot to live in Florida, because of its fabulous climate, incredible work market, and unimaginable eateries.

Median home prices: $955,600


Residing in Doral offers occupants a metropolitan rural blend feel. In Doral, there are a ton of eateries, bistros, and parks. Numerous families and youthful experts live in Doral.

  • Average Rent: $1,799
  • Average Apartment Size: 949 sq. ft.

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Weston draws in tenants with its extraordinary open positions, various outside exercises, decent climate, well-being, and exceptional public schools. These elements make Weston ideal for families specifically.

  • Average Rent: $2,079
  • Average Apartment Size: 1,147 sq. ft.

Coral Gables

Due to its low crime rate, selection of great schools, and outdoor activities Coral Gables was ranked second to live in. Coral Gables appeals to families and to those who value local arts and culture.

  • Average Rent: $1,960
  • Average Apartment Size: 889 sq. ft.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is located near the waterfront and with many activities, is full of museums, historical sites, art galleries, libraries, and many popular attractions.

  • Average Rent: $1,981
  • Average Apartment Size: 960 sq. ft.


Residents of the Tampa Bay area enjoy both amenities of a large metropolitan area and a laid-back beach lifestyle and the rent in Tampa has increased significantly over the last year. 

  • Average Rent in Tampa, Florida: $1,395
  • Average Apartment Size: 928 sq. ft.


Jacksonville currently has around 911,507 people living in the area making it the most populous city in the state. This city is safe and full of restaurants, parks, and lots of things to do and offers residents a suburban feel. 

  • Average Rent in Jacksonville, FL: $1,159
  • Average Apartment Size: 966 sq. ft.


Orlando is the fourth-biggest city in Florida, with a populace of 285,705 occupants. This city offers employment opportunities with jobs in technology, airline sectors, and hospitality.

  • Average Rent in Orlando, Florida: $1,389
  • Average Apartment Size: 963 sq. ft.