The Importance of Tenant-Landlord Lawyer for Legal Assistance

Ackley Florida Property Management - Thursday, October 27, 2022
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Often Landlords invest their time and money into finding the best team of property managers and other skilled professionals to work with. However, they might not always realize it, but they should hire a landlord-tenant attorney with the same energy.

A rental attorney is an incredible asset if they are intimately familiar with landlord-tenant law in your state. If you face a situation within the bounds of the law, a landlord-tenant attorney will have the answers you need.

Let's have an insight into what are the reasons landlords should Hire a Tenant-Landlord Lawyer and why they are beneficial.

Drafting Agreement

Landlords would want to have an air-tight lease to protect themselves and their property when renting out a property to tenants. As a landlord, you must understand your many responsibilities to your tenants, thus, it is a good idea to hire an experienced attorney if it is your first time creating a lease. Tenant-Landlord Lawyer is familiar with housing regulations and tenants’ rights. So you must professionally draft your lease agreement, it will save you time and future frustrations.

Discrimination Investigation Process

It makes sense to hire a landlord-tenant attorney if a tenant alleges discrimination and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agrees to investigate the case. If you are found guilty of discrimination then The HUD can award a penalty of $16,000 to a landlord.

Moreover, you might get a bad reputation as a landlord if your case reaches court. Despite that, a lawyer can help resolve disputes between you and your tenant amicably.

Sued For Injury

You'll almost certainly want to Hire a Tenant-Landlord Lawyer to defend you if a tenant sues you and claims that they got hurt or sick due to the landlord's carelessness. Personal injury cases are typically high stakes, and lawyers know their way through these cases much better than you do. Unfortunately, even though you believe you should not be held responsible, you may find it difficult to confront a tenant who has suffered a serious loss.

However, the lawyer will be emotionally detached from the case and experienced in effectively negotiating these types of situations. Fortunately, your insurer should provide you with a lawyer to defend you against personal injury claims if you have liability insurance.

Tenant Eviction Process

As a landlord, if you are in a situation in which you are being forced into the position of evicting a tenant, then having a Tenant-Landlord Lawyer can make a huge difference throughout the process. Furthermore, there are some complex evictions in which even experienced landlords would want to have a lawyer help them. These include:

  • The tenant is fighting the eviction with the help of a lawyer
  • The tenant is filing for bankruptcy
  • The tenant is involved with a state sponsored-housing program

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Landlords don’t fully understand the law and accidentally commit minor violations, often ending up in tricky situations.  Therefore, the best way to avoid this is to find an attorney who can help guide you.