How To Go The Extra Mile For Your Tenants

Ackley Florida Property Management - Friday, September 23, 2022
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When it comes to dealing with tenants, a landlord has to learn a lot. Going an extra mile for your tenants means working to get positive feedback from them.

If you want your tenants to put up with your property as if it was theirs, you need to work on many things. Finding good tenants is not a solution to your problem. But, making your tenants act according to your expectation is something to expertise in.

Enhance Your Communication Skills

Being a landlord does not mean you need to be grumpy and hard on your tenants. It will not only turn away a potential tenant but also motivate the available tenants to act stubbornly. So, try being humble and professional. 

Work on your communication skills by listening to your tenants' points of view calmly. Assure them that they are important to you and you'll fulfill your responsibilities. Also, you should inform them about all the subtle things regarding the property you are renting, including the leases and its maintenance policy. 

However, don't forget to distinguish the duties for which tenants shall be held responsible, in case of not fulfillment. 

Uphold A Responsive Attitude

If you want your tenants to fulfill their responsibilities. You should do the same. Being responsive means letting your tenants know and proving to them that you will always be there to sort out issues regarding the rental property. You can do so by lending them an emergency number where they can reach you anytime. 

Besides, don't miss fulfilling any of your responsibilities, according to the agreement. 

Property Modification

Don't be a landlord who awaits tenants' complaints to fix any issue. If you want your tenants to obey your rules, you must take care of the regular maintenance of your property. Before renting it to new tenants, you must upgrade all the previous and weary things including appliances, door knobs, windows, etc.

Tenants are more likely to pay good rent without creating a fuss only if they get pleasant comments from their visitors. So, to keep up the value of your property, you must come up with yearly fresh house paint.

A Surprise Bonus

Coming up with a creative bonus surprise for your golden tenants can surely guarantee you positive results. Besides, a surprise bonus can be providing a charges-free additional fresh paint, a rental discount for a month, or a gift card to help them pay their utility bill.

These gestures may not mean much to a landlord. But, for a tenant, it is exactly what going the extra mile is. 


In a nutshell, going the extra mile does not always mean doing unnecessary things for your tenants. But, sometimes, all a landlord needs to do is act responsibly enough to fulfill the basic rights of tenants like being responsive to complaints of the tenants.

However, adding the kind gestures discussed above is also not trade for a loss. Yet, it is an investment that shall benefit a landlord later, in the shape of good tenants.