How to Boost the Cash Flow Your Orlando Rental Property Produces?

Ackley Florida Property Management - Wednesday, February 2, 2022
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The Orlando rental market offers excellent cash flow opportunities. If the landlords are not making enough money from their rental properties, it's time to take a hard look at what they could be doing differently. 

The way people fund their homes will have an impact, but in the end, rental value and what excellent tenants are ready to pay for their property are the most important factors. If landlords want to make more money from their property, they must raise their income while decreasing the expenses.

How can landlords enhance their rental income and cash flow? We are here to make some suggestions.

1. Make Some Modifications and Improvements

Because they're easily manageable and pay rent every month, high-quality renters boost overall cash flow. They are better communicators and they assist landlords in maintaining the property. Also, they are more likely to extend their leases year after year.

Landlords must make their homes stand out from the competitors to attract high-paying tenants.

This entails low-cost upgrades and enhancements. There's no need to spend money on a complete renovation. However, if one wants to increase the value of their rental property and attract the top tenants in the Orlando rental market, they'll need to make a few minor changes. 

At the absolute least, new paint will be applied to the property to freshen it up and give it a more modern appearance. Next, one should think about the flooring, lighting, and other extras in the restrooms and kitchen. New taps, fixtures, and even wall switch plates may contribute significantly.

2. Make the Property Pet Friendly

Allowing pets is a simple and quick approach to enhance both short- and long-term earning potential. At least one pet is owned by more than half of the tenants in Orlando. If landlords decide not to allow them, then they may have to wait longer for employment. This harms profitability.

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3. Create New Revenue Streams

If a landlord runs an apartment complex, they can have coin-operated laundry or vending machines, but additional storage is a simple method to make even more money. This could be for bicycles, automobiles, a shed, or even a wine cellar or wine refrigerator.

An additional living unit is another option (ADU). An ADU is an addition to a property that already includes the main structure. An ADU features its entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living space. This provides everything a tenant could want. It's a way to supplement one's income by renting out their space as a long-term rental, studio/office, or Airbnb.

4. Consider the Investment Property Financing

One should consider the down payment if they're preparing to buy an Orlando investment property. When they're ready to put down a larger down payment at the time of purchase, they can expect a bigger cash flow once the home is leased. This won't work for every investor, but if one can increase the down payment, they'll lower their financing costs. This way, they can make more money each month.

5. Employ Orlando Property Managers

Working with a skilled Orlando property management firm is a terrific method to boost the property's income flow. Property managers are familiar with the demands and requirements of renters. They have access to data that can assist landlords in pricing their houses profitably and competing with other properties on the market. When one works with property management, their maintenance, occupancy, and turnover costs will be reduced.

The Bottom Line

The good news is that all of the steps a landlord can take to increase rental property income flow are things they'd be doing anyway as a landlord or property manager. All they have to do is complete them intending to boost their rental property.