How Much Do Property Managers Charge?

System - Wednesday, August 3, 2022
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Hiring a property management company is a tried-and-true technique to generate more income with less effort. It depends, like with so many other things, is the response. Start by considering what you want a property manager to accomplish for you because the range of services offered by property management companies varies greatly.

The location, the kind of property, and the expected number of man-hours required to provide property management services all affect the fees.

This article will go over various property management contracts, potential extra costs associated with each management approach, things to look out for when signing a contract with a property management company, and how to determine whether hiring Property Managers in Orlando is the best course of action for you.

Types of Property Management Fee Agreements

There are two main divisions of fees. Either a set monthly property management charge or a percentage of the monthly rent will be given to your property manager. Expect to pay an average residential property management company between 8 and 12 percent of the property's monthly rental worth, plus expenses.

Some businesses could offer a monthly flat rate per unit, however, the majority of property managers take a fee for the monthly rental payment. According to the rental price of the house and the range of services covered by the agreement, among other things, this may or may not be a good bargain for you.

ROI of Property Management 

Paying a little bit more for the best property managers is a worthwhile choice because they assist in increasing the value of your home and maintaining good renters. A property manager can reduce your occupancy rate by half, according to research.

On the other hand, choosing a property management company on a budget may prove costly. A competent property manager is always worth the extra cost.

Property Management Fees for “Hands-Off” Owners

Additional charges occasionally appear and are typical. Here are a few typical costs that many property management companies will add on when necessary.

Vacant Unit

Some businesses want a one-month rent advance. If you try to hire a property management company when the property is unoccupied, you might have to pay this price. This provides them with the money to prepare lease paperwork, advertise the property, pay a real estate agent's fee for bringing a tenant to the property, or pay other expenses.

Tenant Occupied Unit

Some property management businesses only charge fees when a tenant occupies the space. Depending on your agreement, they may reduce the interest cost or none at all if the property is empty.

New Tenant Placement

Some property managers may charge a fee for each new tenant they place, offer bonuses for signing a lease, or charge a fee equal to roughly 50% of the first month's rent. However, it is unlikely that you would encounter more than one of these upfront costs. Most businesses only impose one of these costs. Unless the business has zero or very little ongoing monthly expenses, you should not be required to pay all three.

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Some businesses hire and employ their maintenance teams full-time. If so, you will need to discuss what regular maintenance services are included in your monthly amount and what they might charge you extra for. For instance, you might see labor costs per crew member in addition to materials. But don't be taken by surprise. Your contract should specify a cap on the fees your property manager can demand.