Five Ways for the Air Conditioning System to Run Optimally in Florida

Ackley Florida Property Management - Thursday, October 20, 2022
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Summers in Florida require the use of AC. The temperature gets too hot and the humidity is unbearable, hence people prefer to blast off their AC 24/7. But keeping the ACs running 24/7 hours without any precaution might damage the system. So, it is important to follow some tips to keep your system running optimally throughout the year. This will also help reduce energy bills and save you money. 

1. Cover the Windows

In the afternoon, the sun's rays directly hit the windows and heat the house. This makes it harder for the AC system to cool down the place. So, if you have many windows, cover them up with blinds, curtains, or drapes and keep them closed at peak sunlight hours. This will stop the sun from heating the insides of the house and the AC will work more easily.

2. Clean up the Filters

For efficient working of the air conditioning system, you should make sure to clean up the filter every once in a while. It is suggested to clean the filters at least once a month. It’s even greater to clean them up after 15 days as the dirt in filters hinders the performance of the AC. And if the dirt and debris don't clean up after a while, that’s a sign that you need new filters for your AC. 

Moreover, you should know and decide what type of filter you should get. A cheap one will work for less time and you would need to buy a new one again soon. But a more high-end filter will last about 6 months and you won't need to buy a new one again in a month. So make smart choices.

3. Set a Specific Temperature

If you think setting a low temperature will make the AC cool faster, then you are wrong. Set a temperature that will help the AC unit to work efficiently. For example, if the temperature is 40 C outside, then keep the unit at 26 C. It’ll be optimal for the unit to work on. Moreover, it is always recommended to keep the ACs at 26 C. 

4. Routine Maintenance

Another thing you need to make sure of is that the unit should be checked now and then. The place where the unit is placed should be clean and no grass or debris should be around the unit area. Having a routine checkup and maintenance of the AC unit. You can also contact and check with your rental property management if they offer any such services for your AC.

5. Check Copper Lines

When Air conditions are used for a long time, it will surely wear out and the copper lines might start leaking. Due to this, the compressor will no longer be able to work properly. So, you would need to look for any signs that might indicate the copper line leaking. The most common signs are that you might see ice forming on coils, hissing noises, etc.  And don’t make it into a DIY project, you must call a professional to check and stop any leaks.

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All and all, if you want your system to work efficiently for a long time, then look after it and have inspection and maintenance of it. That will help you survive the humid weather and have a peaceful cool environment at home. Any neglect of the system will cost you money and the unbearable warm weather.