6 Best Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Ackley Florida Property Management - Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Are you selling the home for the first time? We know that the process is a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, with the proper planning and preparation, you can increase your chances of selling the property quickly. Selling a home is a big deal, there are many things to consider as you move forward with the sale, things that must be considered if you want to sell quickly for a good price. Thus, to combat the selling process first time home sellers need to be more strategic and follow these 6 tips.  

Hire a Reliable Realtor

The home selling process starts with interviewing and hiring a realtor. In this case, you must pull together a handful of qualified professionals to interview before making a final decision on which one to hire.  Any real estate agent would gladly list your home but not all agents have the same experience level, so you must find the best property management companies to have a great home selling experience.

Price the Property Right

You must not make one or more price cuts when selling a home for the first time. This signals the buyers that something must be wrong with the property. Thus, to avoid price cuts, make sure to price it right the first time. Take a look at nearby comps to get a sense of the market value and worth of your property. 

Listing Photos Must be Top-notch

Most home buyers usually start their search online which indicates that your listing photos will be the first thing they will see. Make sure to hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home when it's looking at its best. 

For instance, homes tend to show better when it is sunny outside, so if the weather looks ominous then try to reschedule the photoshoot for another day. Search for the best property management companies in your state that provide photographers to click the best shots of your property. 

Be Ready To Move Out

You must be ready to move out quickly and finalize the relocation and get all of the things out of your home. Be sure where are you going to go before the sale closes as moving is a time-consuming and tiresome process. 

Hire a Handyman for Home Repairs

Have a handyman tie up any loose ends before putting your home on the market. If you have been meaning to repaint and repair or fix the dangling light furniture then now is the time to do so. Some of the best property management companies are available who offer this type of work too so do your research and hire that company.

Stage the Home 

To stage the house, cleaning and decluttering would be very helpful. Home staging is the art of showing off a property in the best light with the perfect furniture, accents, and decor. Unlike an empty home, where buyers have to use their imagination to envision what life would look like inside the home, a staged home enables buyers to visualize their furniture inside that space.

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Selling a house is a huge task, but it’s not the one you want to botch. It can be both emotional and stressful for first-time home sellers. So following these tips you will be signing your home over to its new owners in no time and keep yourself ahead of the competition.