Top Tenant Complaints and How to Solve Them

System - Monday, March 14, 2022
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Owning properties and giving them on rent is not as easy and simple as it sounds. There are numerous things that a landlord must look after. After all, if you were a landlord, you would never want your tenants to run away or distress you when it's time to pay rent. Would You?

To avoid such circumstances, you should know the top complaints that landlords face from tenants. Learning to solve them would bring peace to a landlord's life and the tenants will stay for a long time as well.

Lack of Communication

The foremost thing that tenants complain about is the lack ness in communication. They always cry about the unavailability of the landlord.

Whereas, on the other end, the landlord thinks that his work is done after giving his property on rent. However, it is not true as Landlord has to look after every query of his tenant. Even if the problem that tenants are facing is not a part of their contract, he should talk to them and suggest ways through which the issue can be resolved.

Furthermore, if the landlord can resolve it, he should update his tenants about his work. Also, he should ask them later if the issue was resolved or not.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution or disturbance is the second most common issue tenants complain about. It can be due to noisy neighbors or pets like a dog that keeps barking. 

Although the tenants can resolve it by themselves, if the landlord receives such a complaint he should talk to that tenant to keep their volumes down or not to keep their pet if they can't handle it. Still, if they do not listen to him then he can send them warning letters which could result in evacuating the property. Besides, it would not be a wise decision to lose good tenants for any bad one.

Maintenance and House Repair

Due to the normal wear and tear, rental properties often suffer damages. Besides, if the landlord doesn't work on repairs, tenants get frustrated. So, to escape that frustration it's better to get the repairs done immediately. Or else, urgent cases like toilets, plumbing, or air conditioning units can be hazardous to human health as well. Nonetheless, regular maintenance should be one of the priorities.

Moreover, to avoid miscommunication between tenant and landlord, it would be a good step to mention maintenance and house repair rules in the lease agreement.

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In a nutshell, tenants' complaints should be a Landlord's topmost priority. He should act on it immediately. Also, the landlord should write down all the agreements and work which he has done. So, tenants cannot create any issue afterward or drive the case in courts.

However, the above-mentioned complaints are just a few examples. There are many more that the landlord goes through such as pests, rodents, and bedbug complaints. Thus, lack of attention in these cases can create bigger problems as it is the tenants' right to get a sustainable environment to live in.